These persons gave up on excuses and decided to change radically their way of life

We all have one or several friends who want to lose some small kilogrammes too, but who always delay in tomorrow their programme of slimming. The photos of our collection can inspire some, because they show perfectly that nothing is impossible, and that any body which, a priori, does not follow the standards of today’s beauty, can become “perfect”.

Sitlol united 26 persons who did not like their body, but who settled an objective and who are more than satisfied with results.

1. In one year, I lost 66 kg

“Before the surgery of gastric derivation, I weighed 131 kilogrammes. After only 12 months, I weighed 65 kilogrammes. Yes, without surgery, I would not have been able to lose so there if not enough time”.

2. Less 50 kg in only 12 months

“On the photo of left, I was in the marriage of a friend (I cried). At that time, I weighed 135 kilogrammes. I  realised that I  could not go on as it, and with the help of an adequate programme and of physical exercises, one year later, I weighed 84 kilogrammes. I lack nine kilogrammes to arrive at my objective: 75 kilogrammes”.

What do you think?

Written by Mery


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