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The  sense of humour is not of age old, and these 19 photos prove it!

It is necessary to admit him, our dear grandmothers never cease surprising us. Endowed with an incomparable creativity and with an exuberant imagination,  to amuse and to make it be of benefit all family, they are capable of transforming any object of the daily into  incredible and amusing thing. Also, their child’s soul allows them to crunch life with relish without ever caring about future. The protagonists of this article are living proof…

Sitlol chose for you, today, 19  amusing and touching photos which explain why we so much love the grandmothers. Love!

1. “My grandmother, in her 100 years!”

2. “My grandmother, 87 years old, decided that the instant  to make a tattoo had come…”

What do you think?

Written by Mery


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