12 places of our planet which seem to be portals towards the underworld

Sometimes, the surface of our planet collapses and holes of variable depth form. Often, nature is responsible for such acts, but in certain cases, the man also participates in it. While the scientists just as mystics discuss the origin of these phenomena, the tourists rush to it to be taken a photo.
Sitlol gathered for you photos of the deepest and most frightening holes of the world, which will allow you to undertake a trip in the centre of the Earth.

1. ” The hellgate “, Darvaza, Turkmenistan

This crater was created by the men, and it  is known under the name of “hellgate”. For more than half a century, the place is encircled by a fire which was lighted in 1971. When the well was dug, a fault formed and a big quantity of gas was liberated. To protect the inhabitants, they    set fire to it, by assuming that he would go out at the end of some days. But calculations turned out to be inexact, and  fire does not cease raging since. Sometimes, he attains a  10-metre height.

The diameter of the fault is 60 metres and its depth is 20 metres.


2. Well of Holy Patrice, Orvieto, Italy

In spite of its terrible aspect, this well was constructed with good intentions: give some water in the city in case of seat. And he  was also put under the protection of a church. The building began in 1527, when the merciful VII pope visited Orvieto after the catch of Rome.  If necessary, the water was transported by a donkey up to the fortress of Albornoz.


3. Crater of the volcano Yasur, Vanuatu

 Yasur is an active volcano located on the island of Vanuatu, and its last eruption occurred in 2017. Tribes living in this region consider that one lives by an ancient divinity in the crater, which can get angry if  it is disturbed. That is why only the ancient and the shamans have the right to climb the volcano.

And the tourists, of course! Audacious come here to climb Yasur, because it is one of the rare volcanoes in the world  the crater of which it is possible to attain. Besides , in 2012, the film Chinese Zodiac  was turned there.

4. Big hole of Kimberley, Southern Africa

This huge hole is a huge diamond mine today exhausted and located in the city of Kimberley. It is difficult to imagine, but the researchers of precious stones succeeded in digging this hole without using machines.

Their hard labour  was fruitful, because it is here that they succeeded in extracting the diamond known as  De Beers, who weighed 428,5 karats. This one gave the name to the famous mark of jewellery.

5. Big blue hole, coral reef of Belize

A big chasm, the diameter of which is 305 metres, and the   120-metre depth, was formed by nature. This place attracts the amateurs of diving as a magnet, but many people  die there. The crater also has a not official name, the “graveyard of the divers”, because such depth admits no that to the very experienced swimmers, and the beginners do not calculate danger always well.

6. Tower reversed by Sintra, Portugal

In the Portuguese city of Sintra, there  is a mysterious well the building of which began at the beginning of last century. The staircase in spiral which encircles it represents the passage of the world in sky or in Hell, according to the place where they want to go. The freemasons practiced theirinitiatory rituals there. The depth of the well is so impressive as he could receive a  ten-storeyed building.

7. Wall of a dam, North of the California

 The biggest artificial hole of the world is in the United States, more precisely in the north of the California.

The dam is impressive: tons of water pass in some seconds. This structure was constructed,   more than 50 years ago, but since then, it makes the object of the enthusiasm of the tourists of the whole world.

8. Er Wang Dong, China

A group of speleologists discovered incidentally in China a large network of caves in which developed a local ecosystem. There, it is possible to dive into the fog and to notice the clouds which are formed under the domes of caverns.

Rivers and underground lakes which are are populated there with creatures which are found nowhere else on the planet. They  notably find that the fish there albino without eyes, who lived in complete darkness, so he needs to differentiate light nor colours.

9. Eisriesenwelt, Austria

This cave is located in more than  1 500 metres in altitude. Its name is translated of German by “the World of the giants de Glace”. It is the biggest cavern frozen in the world: she is  42 kilometres long and  407 metres deep, and the volume of its glacial skull caps is superior to  30 000 cubic metres.

If in the past the tourists needed to climb 1 641 metres to go to the cave, today, they can make it in some minutes, because a cable was installed to achieve it.

10. Big hole, Guatemala

This unearthing was created by nature in our epoch. On the June 1st, 2010 , in broad daylight, in Guatemala, the earth collapsed under a plant of  three-storeyed clothes as well as lived accommodation. On its place, a huge crater appeared.

Researches point out that that is due to the soil rich in limestone, which is easily taken by the water. But places point rather at the dilapidation of the sewerage of the city.

11. Precipice of Sarisariñama, Venezuela

In Venezuela, “Tepuis”, that is to say sets isolated besides from the world are found. There,   hundreds of years ago, wells formed, and the biggest are located on Cerro in the state of Bolivar.  in the bottom of these holes, life is completely isolated from our external world.  Trees and  true underground kingdom are even found there. Caves of ice of the volcano Mutnovsky, Russia.

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