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An underwriter wanted righteous man to slim down, but he  completely changed his life in process and became model

We are all being very fond of of stories to  Cinderella, in which any exchange rate, as though it was enough with a wave of the magic wand. But let us be honest, we prefer the heroes who invented by themselves. The history of Gwilym Pugh is much more than a fairy tale on sports, publicity and picture of  fashion. It is a question of being able to throw herself in the water, of go out of his  comfort zone and  of plunge into changes.

Today, Sitlol tells you the story of this 33-year-old man  , Gwilym Pugh, who passed from underwriter to a star of Instagram thanks to the surprising changes which he accomplished in his life.

The daily routine of Gwilym, which lasted during 11 years, consisted in managing a small enterprise of insurance since a room of its home. A sedentary life, whom, added to the weak possibility  of doing some sports because of a lesion of the knee and a general woolgathering, led this young man to weigh about 125 kilogrammes.

It  is not either possible to say that he was very happy in this life.

In its firm, everything went well. But Gwilym had a feeling that something had to change in its life. Then, from one day to the next he  decided to take his health seriously in hand: his lifestyle indeed began  preoccupying him.

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