This 16 painting, which cools down in the back, will hypnotise you and will prevent you from sleeping!

The Austrian artist Stefan Koidl illustrates all visions of horror which sometimes prevent us from sleeping in peace. What is there under your bed? What breath do you feel behind your neck? And whom do you meet by walking at night in wood? Stefan, who knows perfectly the big fright of the human being and who knows that these have the root in our heads, makes them us discover across his intriguing illustrations and his world which is meant, not only mysterious and terrorising, but also hypnotising and schemer.

To Sitlolwe gathered, for you, the most interesting writings of the artist, which will not miss to hypnotise you, and perhaps even what is more some of them will prevent you from sleeping…

Welcome to beyond!

The buffoon who gives candies is not always amusing…

What do you think?

Written by Mery


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