These monuments are going to touch you in the depths of your soul

Sculptures can be not only works of art, but also witnesses of history, which allow  not to forget any events of past. For example, a lot mémoriaux were established  in memory of victims of  World War II.

The world is filled with monuments and with sculptures in front of which people pass every day without paying attention to it. However, some of them remain engraved in our minds forever.

Sitlol  offers you a selection of the most intriguing today.

10. Leo of Lucerne

This lion is considered to be the  most sad monument of the world. This sculpture representing a lion hurt by an arrow and in almost human facial expression was sharpened in the rock at the beginning of the XIXth century. This relief is devoted to the Swiss guards who died during the attack of the Palace of Tile factories in 1792.

9. The shoes of the Promenade of the Danube, Hungary

In 1944-1945, the members of the Hungarian Nazi party pulled on thousands of persons on the Promenade of the Danube. To economise bullets, they had tied 50 or 60 persons together and pulled on the first one, which by falling took others in its fall. Before fusillade, they had made them take off the shoes to be able to sell them then.  In memory of dead on the edges of the river, 60 pairs of  iron shoes forged were put there.

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