Most people do not know these 15 places of an incredible beauty

It exists in the world of many incredible places which almost nobody knows, where there  are not tourists, and where it is difficult to achieve. From islands in crystalline waters, from meadows full of flowers and from the quasi virgin waterfalls of the hand of the man. This makes dream, really?

Sitlol  introduces you 15 secret places of our planet, to which existence is still not much known.

Blagaj, Bosnia and Herzégovine

Blagaj is a small village located at the foot of powerful waterfalls in crystalline waters, which fall from an abrupt mountain; he is composed of small picturesque white houses and a monastery. It is a blest place for the dervishes and the soufies, that constructed this city in paradise.

Huacachina, Peru

Huacachina is a city-oasis located in the middle of a large desert. It is needed about five hours to reach it, following a road to the south of the capital of Peru, Lima. Its population is only 200 inhabitants, so by arriving, you  will feel isolated from the world. Besides, you will be able to make there of the sandboarding on the ambient dunes.


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