15 Smartness with some paper aluminium which you  surely did not know

For a long time, the paper aluminium is used to cook the food in the oven and to wrap food. It is for it that he is present in almost all houses. But it proves to be that he does not use only in the kitchen.

Sitlol gathered the best ways to use the paper aluminium  at home. For those who already know all this smartness, we added a no-claims bonus  at the end of the article.

#15. Urgent funnel

If you  need to pour a liquid immediately into another container, make a  paper funnel aluminium.

#14. Iron your clothes on both sides  at the same time

Put the paper aluminium under the clothes before ironing. The paper aluminium heats up fast and the clothes will be ironed on both sides  at the same time.

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Written by Mery


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