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These 10 models new generation show original beauties who will give courage to millions of girls to be proud of themselves

A big nose, the teeth of happiness, excess of weight, freckles and of others small “originalities” of the skin: these features are examples of a long list of things which abash many girls. But the models that we decided  to show you in this article, them, make fun of it rather well: for them, to be improved is something perfectly annoying, and old-fashioned, while to be oneself is more moving.

Sitlol offers you to discover these absolutely incredible models, among whom the not very common appearance and the confidence in them do not leave uninterested.

1. Jeana Turner

Jeana suffers from baldness. Before, the model carried a wig and feared that it is seen without. His participation in the popular programme America’ s Next Top model  allowed her  to become famous, she decided  to come to light under the true face. Today, she maintains that she feels definitely free.


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