Here are 21 reasons to think that the world is not so bad

If they look there closely, the world is filled with goodness, with happiness and with love. Problem is that with time, they have tendency  to point it out less and they  pay therefore no more attention to the positive side of things. However, the beauty of the world is fair there.

The world can sometimes seem sad and cold and  disrespectful and cruel people. But it is a misconception. Happiness is very near, goodness, benevolence there also: it is just necessary to open eyes!

Sitlol tent every day to bring to light the positive side of  life. Today, we found 23 photos which prove well that the world is not so bad as certain  think of it.

“So much love in the single oar of underground”.

Transplant of a wing of butterfly monarch

This butterfly was born with a broken wing. Luckily, her owner knew how to make. Operation was successfully practiced and after a short rest, this nice butterfly could fly off towards freedom.

What do you think?

Written by Mery


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