Here are 12 ways of getting a making-up cannon whatever is your type of skin

Face of a woman with powder on the skin of cheek- isolated on white

According to a recent inquiry, an American spends eight dollars on average a day on beauty products. As everyone knows, every type of skin needs an adapted care, but there is small general smartness which can tell difference. If you are not sure of knowing which type of making-up is good for your skin, then this article is for you.

Sitlol wants to give you the most efficient advice in your routine of making-up. Your skin will be incredible in any circumstances!

 Ground rules for the application of a foundation are practically the same for all types of skin: 

  • Clean and hydrate the face.
  • Use only products adapted to your type of skin.
  • Well choose  basic colour
  • Apply correctly the base of making-up and the examiner of colour to the different parts of the face before applying the  foundation
  • Apply the  foundation and  make into it penetrate delicately
  • Conceal imperfections, rings and redness. Highlight and by-pass if necessary to light the face
  • Fix his making-up with a spray of finishing or with colourless powders of fixing

 Keep in mind that every woman differs, and that the state of the skin can vary because of many factors. Advice below is not universal and some of them can work for you, even if your type of skin differs from the one who is mentioned.

Fatty skin

The fatty skin is more subject to the acne, but she can be extremely sensitive, and many women use too aggressive products for the care of the skin. As a result, it is important  to hide the excess of brilliance, to cover redness and  to return the more smooth skin. Here is some advice which can be useful.

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