15 Errors of exercises of bodybuilding which prevent you from reaching your targets

To see results appearing when they  do some sports, when they try  to slim down and to tonifer the muscles, it is important to begin with basic exercises. However, they often very hurt them, what can harm our health and deprive us of results of our efforts.

It is for it that Sitlol tells you today how he draws you away correctly in the  gymnasium, to have a maximum of results and to look after your body.

1. Make the bridge with hips

Wrong: If when you make the bridge you have the arched back, the load does not influence the sciatic but the bottom of the back.

Correct: Knees must be parallel on the soil. Raise the basin upwards to way in the fact that your torso forms a straight line with hips and knees: it is primordial. Contract the sciatic by pushing a maximum with your feet in the soil, and contract abdos.

2. Move the weight of the body from a leg to the other one

Wrong: The torso tipped up forward, knees bent in acute angle. Because of this, the body is destabilised and the spinal column and knees suffer from surcharge.

Correct: The back must be right and hips have not to move. Pay attention to bend the knee to 90 degrees.


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