These 15 brilliant ideas will make you say: “But how did they live without them before?”

 Perfection does not know borders. And our world, even less. What is well, it is that among us,  their ideas live on people who go to good direction and help us to return   more comfortable and easier everyday life. Look by yourself.

Sitlol  gathered for you a selection of objects and brilliant solutions which make life easier for us in a well-known way.

1. In this oar of underground of Seoul a tiny library is

2. This restaurant on the beach gives a free drink to all those which fill a whole bucket of garbage picked up on the beach.

“You have some minutes? Of course that yes. Catch a bucket and save the world with #2minutesDeNettoyageDePlage. Filled the bucket and  is filled your glass (hot drinks are in our load)”

What do you think?

Written by Mery


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