Photographers reveal us the ugly and secret wings of some pretty photos which made speak about them on Internet


When you see nice photos on Instagram, you imagine that a whole team of photographers worked on each of them? Sometimes, but not always. New challenge, ” a seedy site ” (#Ugly LocationChallenge) just breaks this myth in thousand pieces and  takes even the contrepied with humour. One of the originators of this movement was model and photographer American Kelsey Maggart, who published splendid portraits made in places which were very far from being photogenic.

The editorial team of Sitlol investigated to know what motivates people to organise this type of sessions photos and  gathered the most impressive pictures of the participants of this challenge.

“You do not need to like the places where were taken these pictures so that these pictures please you”. It is with this type of comments that young photographer accompanied his publications on Twitter.

This amazing challenge could draw the attention of the users of social networks. On its wall Facebook, Kelsey confesses to have won in popularity thanks to photos made in “horrible places”. People invite it in different parts of world so that it makes its photos there, giving him so new ideas.

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Written by Mery


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