Outside it is a usual dugout, but inside – a cozy and fantastic lodge

Somewhere in the State of Oregon, among the wood dense yes far away from human housing, there is such imperceptible mink lodge. At first sight, hobbit’s scales, not differently. But actually here American Dan Price who built this unusual housing according to own imagination perfectly spends time. So there behind a door?

The price – one of those judges of life, kotoryt was understood that material benefits have to make the minimum part of your life, differently you will be up to the ears in debt and unnecessary things. He works at a cemetery, looks after graves, for the symbolical sum, plus sometimes takes side jobs. In a word, isn’t tired, doesn’t stick. In next to a scaffold he rents for symbolical $100 a year a plot of land on which built this remarkable lodge for only $75. Not thousands and not millions, the price of construction is less than a cost of a good lunch, but serves it faithfully 20 years.

Price isn’t homeless though his house and has no official address. Very long time ago he read Harland Hubbard’s book “Paine Hollou” where the main character throws the big city for the sake of life in the wood and rest. So Price also arrived – left to the wife and children the big house in Kentucky, gave up work of the press photographer and lodged here. It has everything for life: bedroom, kitchen, Iternet, library and warm toilet. Even garage for the bicycle and he doesn’t forget to pay the bill for electricity and mobile communication.

The price is happy not in words, and in practice. It has neither debts, nor accounts, neither the credits, nor an other burden. Having equipped in a lodge, he wrote the whole book which successfully sells still about the experience. And therefore can go for the winter to Hawaii, ride a board on waves especially as in a dugout it is cold at this time. And here from May to October when the wood lives to the utmost, to it it is comfortable in its lodge. Sometimes here guests look.

The most interesting – the Price didn’t lose communications with the outside world, it simply practically doesn’t depend on it. For example, if wants to get out in travel, with pleasure takes with itself the wife, but doesn’t demand that she lived in a dugout if it isn’t pleasant to it. Very well I settled.

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Written by Mery


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