Discover 13 models who proved that the appearance does not have importance

We are any different. Why to be timid or frustrated of your appearance when she can become a convert in your main trump? There  are so many famous persons whose appearance is far from  conventional beauty, as models him Winnie Harlow attained of vitiligo, or Nikia Phoenix with whom the whole body is covered with  freckles. They see here that beauty is really indoors, and this article is going   to prove it to you.

Still compiled photographs and stories of famous models whose appearance is unusual and unique, but that are all very nice and authentic.

13. Winnie Harlow

The Canadian model Chantelle Brown-Young, known under the pseudonym of Winnie Harlow, is a true source of inspiration for everybody. From the age of three years, it endured from a loss of pigmentation of the skin — an illness called a vitiligo. But it did not prevent Chantelle from becoming a famous model.

His  unusual skin colour in fashion shows is often taken to be making-up. Winnie appeared in the countryside of Desigual and Diesel, participates in  Fashion Week in New York, and  played in videos of Eminem and of Sia.


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