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This American photographer combines photos which have got nothing to do them some with others, and  result is bluffing!

The American photographer Stephen McMennamy rewords our reality and creates assemblages photos effervescent and brought forward: he reinvents the objects of our daily and establishes a  world original and coloured by combining and by harmonising pictures which have got nothing to do them some with others. And  result is  to take breath away, creations of the artist, which are meant  at the same time to be odd and intriguing, are a pure visual pleasure ….

To Sitlol, we gathered for you 18 the most impressive assemblages of the artist, and we are sure that these are going to you to put full eyes.

1. Buttocks of apricot

2. This bridge seems to be able  to practise music…

What do you think?

Written by Mery


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