Our mind plays us turns with these 10 strange psychological phantasms

We taught to think that we control our body and our mind, because after all, who else could it? However, mind is confusing and complex, because it conceals many secrets which have this day not completely discovered. And  in reality, he can manipulate us when they expect it least. For example, when they have doubts before beginning a new job, it  happens that it means that we have all the more chance to like it and to shine there.

To Sitlol, we are always waiting for new discoveries on the humanity, to be able to share them immediately with our readers; that is why we have gathered today 10 strange psychological turns which our mind plays us in our insu.

10. The effect of halo

An effect well-known and widely used by the advertising executives: idea is that an individual will make more easily a decision of purchase according to the person who represents product or  service. That is why many models and actresses are the muses of big marks of making-up or  famous shops of  ready to wear. They have tendency to think that célèbrités   never makes a mistake, and they link this certainty to the product which they represent. In general, people are less strict with celebrities or known people, even when it is about a crime or about an accident:  they are not punished  in the same way as it would be made with ordinary people.

9. Effect spectator

This psychological effect is a bit worrying: in a crowd, people have less tendency to help a person in trouble, because they tell themselves unconsciously that somebody else will make it.   Some years ago, several experiments were accomplished on subject, which revealed that when in a crowd an individual decides to help somebody in urgent situation, others are going immediately to follow his example. But   the most difficult and the most important is to find the initial “hero” who is going to throw movement.

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