If you have the   pores obstructed or dilated of the skin, try these 5 natural ways of cleaning them


The dilated pores often appear on the forehead, the nose and the chin. These dilated pores can spoil your appearance and lead you to apply several layers of powder and of  foundation to hide them — what will be only getting worse to them. It is better to try to resolve this problem in another way.

The  most frequent reason of their appearance is the excessive activity of the sebaceous glands. With a type of fatty skin, a big quantity of sebum is liberated. As a result, pores expand, and if you  do not treat this problem on time, of the acne is possible appear.

Stilol compiled for you natural recipes which can help you to clean your pores according to your type of skin, and  finish it with the excessive use of  foundation.

To have a fatty skin is not the only factor of enlargement of pores, there  are other reasons of appearance of this problem: dehydration, deficient Purification or lack of hygiene, and use of  low-grade cosmetics. Besides, under the influence of rays UV, pores dilate and  perspiration augments.

Other factors can be the consumption of a big quantity of candies, fatty, salt or seasoned food, and of food containing conservatives and of exhausteurs of taste, with a negative effet on the skin. The balance of hormones also affects the state of the skin, because a hormonal impairment of balance, due to the pregnancy or  to other reasons, can corrupt the pores of the face.

The skin needs to breathe and must be every day cleaned to remain exempt from impurity, from dirtiness and from dusts, as well as from particles of making-up and  from dead skins. That is why it is necessary to learn to look after the skin of your face well.

First of all, do not forget to hydrate and  to feed your skin, and chosen a cream to be the mixed and fatty skins. Do not hesitate to ask the specialists in shop which types of creams are possible have an effect cystogène and obstruct pores.

Then, drink more water and sleep enough. Water prevents the dehydration of the skin and  sleep affects our hormonal balance.

Finally, clean and clean your skin.


Now, let us concentrate on the available natural recipes for different types of pores of the skin.

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