In these 8 places of the world, it is forbidden to take pictures

Holiday is an epoch very waited to travel, to have a rest and to cherish the most palpitating emotions and the nicest memories that they have the chance to live. And yet there  are countries where you  will be able to keep these last only in your memory, because you  will be able to take no picture.

To sitlol we established a list of the countries where you can have quite a lot of problems if you dare to infringe law. Then keep your telephone in the pocket.

8. Amsterdam, Holland

Red district

The Red District in Amsterdam is famous for its prostitutes in window, its pretty channels and its cofee shops. The tourists who try  to take a photo of light women in the red region  are not well seen. If you insist to use your camera,   will have you it confiscated, in the best of cases. In fact, you can bluntly break by night watchmen and finish your stay in the hospital.

7. South Korea

Until five years of prison

In this country, it is forbidden  to photograph the women without their permission, even in the public places. It is considered as of harassment and you can be condemned until five years of prison.


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