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Unusual hobby of the girl from New York. It photographs hot guys who like to read books

The inhabitant of New York day can’t live without contemplation of beauty. For this purpose it goes on city streets … to photograph young handsome men who don’t hesitate to read books at all in the eyes. It is rattling mix from external beauty and intelligence simply breaks it heart!

The girl shares the finds in an Instagram of Hot Dudes Reading (“The reading handsome men”) with pleasure. It supplements each photo scintillating with humour comments so number of followers all the time grows and already comes nearer to one million.

Enjoy yourselves!

“Morning of Monday was gloomy as rainy day until I saw this sweetie. Usually I damn a rain but when nearby such man, I not against a few to get wet”

“At last, and excellent weather came to New York. But the fall is so transient, and I would like to retire with this handsome man, poshlyopyvy its until our house brings snowdrifts”

What do you think?

Written by Mery


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