9 Smartness to have white teeth and  Hollywood smile

The majority of us dream about credit of  teeth white and in good health. At the same time, few persons dare to pass the step of chemical laundering.

Sitlol discovered that there is some smartness which you can use  at home. They will not damage the enamel of your teeth and  harm your health. Of course, this smartness does not replace visits at the dentist. However, if you apply them regularly, you will manage to get a scintillating smile and you will reinforce your gums.

Homemade whitening toothpaste

Blend a spoon with coffee of powder of turmeric with the same quantity of  coconut oil pure and two or three drops of oil of mint. Use preparation as a normal toothpaste. This mixture protects the enamel, whitens teeth and cools the mouth. More details in this video.

Oil of tree with tea

If you use a solution of five drops of oil of tree with tea pure (100 %) and  half a water glass to rinse your mouth every day being brushed to you teeth, effect will be visible at the end of some weeks.
So that result is even more scintillating, one-two times a week, make an additional cleaning with a drop of oil. It is not recommended to make it too often. 

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