These 12 artists’ sculptures of the whole world are almost too nice to be true

Since the ancient epoch, the poets, the artists and the musicians sang the praises of  female beauty. Sculptures show all ambiguity of     such a fragile and so strong, female nature  at the same time. By sharpening elegant silhouettes with soft forms in materials difficult to work, they represent in their creations delicacy but also power of the woman.

Sitlol shows you twenty splendid sculptures, which risk moving you more than of reason.


 Luo Li Rong creates terrifically female and realistic sculptures. His writings are elegant and delightful. It looks as if they are about to come back to  life.


During twenty years, the British man Richard Stainthorp dedicated himself to make sculptures with the  iron thread. The female characters are his speciality: soft lines and  splendid silhouettes. According to Richard, the job with the thread is similar to the resolution of a brainteaser. But, in the final, result  is worth there. 

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Written by Mery


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