The most fabulous design feyla in which dullness it is difficult to believe

Not always unruly hands manage to keep up with flight of thought of the designer, and at times just excessive scrupulousness in details ruins the super-puper-megaproject. In a word, wanted as better, a krasivsha more originally, and it turned out … well, but it is possible to post in the Internet and to collect likes from those who wants to laugh!

Sado-masochism – our everything!

Unbreakable wine glasses for the smallest!

Oops, new standards of beauty brought

The designer – the rare troll

Cover for iPhone with the main word Android

Such wall-paper also has to be in a toilet – if that, nobody will suspect a dirty trick

Plemyashka for the first time in life stuck together a candle

Cookies on Helouin which distribute in hospitals

To the one who made out a cover – our applause

It is a roll and not that you thought!

The picture with implication

It is impossible to see it! At once associations … the vile

Who wants to try from the chocolate fountain?

What do you think?

Written by Mery


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