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16 things at the sight of which there is only one question: it that such in general?

Every year in the world there is something new, but it not always replaces old and things, very best different, continue to coexist. And the person a being lazy and not so inquisitive that about everything to remember and understand. Therefore when we see such strange pieces, involuntarily there is a question: it is a trick such? Isn’t present? And what this such and for what it?

Faugh, muck!

Yes and no is a mollusk “гуидак” which differs not only appearance, but also dimensions, under 1,5 kg, and life expectancy: 146 years!

Simply walking Ecuadorian palm tree, it is Socratea exorrhiza

Amusing sado-maso?

Shandflete, it “a shameful flute”. It is thought up punishment to bad musicians is a piece similarity to a flute only a jeer works as shackles for a neck and fingers, and.

Vile bagatelle, isn’t it?

And actually useful pillow for a dream on a workplace


Even it is done not want to know, what is it

Edible sea worm 

Very strange piece

Kishechnodyshashchy worm of Tergivelum cinnabarium

Simply poppy bud

No, it not the medieval torment tool

Simply the filter for the washing machine

Amusing figurine – such were used that monarchical persons showed where hurts them, after all the doctor couldn’t touch them

Sartorial ruler

Toy for the pool, the nursery

Some terrible thingummy

Indeed – a finger flash card for fans of a zomboapokalipsis

And it at all not of what you think

These are different mollusks, the bottom view

It that, live?

! Earthworm of Atretochoana

Toy for blowing of soap bubbles

The monument devoted to Nikolay Rodriguez Penya costs in Buenos Aires

What do you think?

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