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These 10 gestures must absolutely be avoided, if you want to have nice hair!

 Everybody wants to have nice bright and silky hair! A balanced and healthy feeding and  good hair care will allow you , in general, to reach this target.


1. Do not cut your hair rather often


If you have the curly or curled hair, if they have air neglected, that they get tangled up easily or are always filled with knots, then he is more than time to go to the hairdresser, especially if you want to let them grow! Your hair will be longer, if you cut them regularly; not because they will grow more quickly, but because tops will not be forked and brittle any more .

Solution: go to the hairdresser regularly!

2. Colour you hair yourself

 Concept DIY (make it yourself, native to English   Do It Yourself) is possible be practical for many things, but the capillary colouring is not part of it, unless being a professional hairdresser or knowing exactly what you make. Besides, there  are  strong chances which you end nevertheless up being in a  hairdressing salon, but it will  be more much more difficult and more more expensive to repair your errors. Let therefore the professionals take care of it from the beginning!

Solution: make appointment at your hairdresser


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