Discover the wings of the  annual famous fashion show Secret Victoria’s

The  annual fashion show Secret Victoria’ s is always a big event which attracts millions of persons across the world. This sumptuous parade is accompanied by a live performance by famous musicians and  ends by the presentation so much expected from the new Fantasy Bra, a terrifically expensive brassiere was inlaid with precious stones.

Preparations for this  luxury show owed at least one year and only some privileged, very carefully chosen persons, are invited.

Filming takes place a few days before broadcasting on  television. Until 2013, all shows of Secret Victoria’ s took place in the United States and once in Canes, but recently, parades set up in different parts of Europe and of Asia. 

Months of intensive physical training and of strict regime later, the models some days only have from now on to finalise everything and to make everything of to them better to be divine on the catwalk. 

In the said daytime, show takes place in reality twice to get the best plates and videos for broadcasting on  television.


The models go to destination on board of a plane deprived of pink colour, corresponding to the colour code of the firm. The sponsors, journalists of worldwide media, the blogueurs and other persons participants in the process of show take the same plane, all together.

All models wear the same clothes created especially by mark and are made up and comb for flight since the sessions of photos for media and social networks begin as soon as the plane takes off.

On the plane, the members see each other giving groups-presents and pink covers with Secret design Victoria’ s.


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