Discover the correct way to put your perfume so that it lasts longer and smells much better

To invest in a  leading perfume — generally a lot — does not guarantee us that it will hold willy-nilly better that a water of cologne of supermarket — what is a bit embarrassing to you will confess it… Just as it is necessary to be able well to choose the clothes, it is also necessary to be able to determine which perfume will go to us the best among most known marks. If you use your favourite perfume anyhow, you risk even getting the inverse effect from that discounted by scaring off and  by incommoding all those who encircle you.


General rules

1. Do not make miscellany

If you use different kinds of sweet-scented articles, for example, of perfumes, deodorants and creams for the body, take products more or less with the same smell. There  must be no competition between scents. Ideally, deodorants and creams should even contain no perfume. If they have it, not it is better to use them. You really do not feel like smelling a mix of indeterminate smells instead of your favourite perfume, really?


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