These 15 ingenious inventions will make you live in a present futurist

We use every day electronic apparatus invention of which   we would not have even imagined 5 years ago. Besides, we arrive at a period when nothing more seems to surprise us. However, it is not always case. Some inventions are so extraordinary that they seem to us to arrive straight of future.


15. A cut which changes the water in wine.

Scientists of Singapore created Vocktail. It is about a special cut which is capable of changing taste, colour and aroma of a drink. The cut, and its “virtual cocktail”, are linked to a mobile application which allows you to configurer the properties of the liquid.

14. “Clever” glasses.

 What is interesting with glasses View, — except their main function, it is that they can make calls, broadcast  music and act as navigator, as pedometer (application which records the number of steps which you perform when you walk) and of metre of calories. But the most important, it is because he has function “to Find my glasses”, what means that you will not have to search them in all home. Seen are considered to be normal glasses (the version with solar protection also exists) who manipulate easily in touch and  stock in a special case with a loader wireless.

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