These 30 photos are going to show you in details what resembles exactly what it is possible to call ” a nasty day”

Did you already go to the office with a different shoe to every foot? Were you already a day to have to speak in front of a group with huge glory of perspiration under arms? If you think that fate keeps going at you, you are going to see that others have some more chance than you.

If you think that you  had a nasty day, then look at these photos and feel yourself happy. And get ready to laugh: certainly, it is not perhaps nice when something takes place badly, but sometimes, it is necessary to admit that some situations are really odd.


1. A girl whom I know went to the zoo and  dropped her telephone. She  indeed did not want it any more.

 Do not get worried, it is not serious. She can indeed redeem herself a new.

2. “Cheerful birthday my darling! Oups, they have as a problem!”

Somebody very quickly put candles out.

What do you think?

Written by Mery


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