The first thing which you will see on these pictures will say to you where you  are in your life there

 What we receive in first can be a reflexion of our present state. The double pictures, which show two things at the same time, help  to understand each other and  to analyse his attitude towards life.


Face or fish?

  • Face. You have a sociable personality, you  attach importance to people and you want to communicate. Besides, you want to trust your intellectual capacities to resolve the problems of the daily.
  • Pisces. You are satisfied with your life and you have tendency to believe in the success of your next actions. Even if something  does not take place as planned, you keep confidence and you fit easily to the new circumstances.

Lock or character who cries?

  • Lock. You notice what there happens in your life with curiosity. You have perhaps the feeling that you are soon going to be confronted with something unknown and it pleases you.
  • Character who cries. You  are in an emotional state which you  willy-nilly did not realise. It can be  sadness,  disillusion,  loneliness. You should pay more attention to your feelings.

What do you think?

Written by Mery


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