Choose the person whom you prefer and discover what it means of you

The test offered today is based on the physiognomy, that is to say on the reading of the character of a person according to its facial features and of the genetics of behaviour. By leaning on these two domains of the psychology, it would be possible to define features of your own character from the study of the type of persons which you appreciate. It is enough to corréler facial characteristics and  character of each with the features of the character of others supplementing them.


Choose among this collage the person whom you think the most attractive and discover what means your choice. Do not go too quickly: thoughtful well, with whom would you really like to chatter?


This person tries to use  at the same time job and  rest, she has a lot of will: it is possible to see him in the form of the lips. She is direct and indeed receptive.

Who attract these persons?

Productive, professional and directed people. Those who have a strong will, in general, feel intuitively attracted the one by other one. Therefore, if you  chose this face, with the marks of a strong character, it is very possible that you are similar.

What do you think?

Written by Mery


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