There are jobs really strange in the world, in here is 14

There  are many people who are not satisfied with their job or who get bored there simply. There  is also a big number of persons who do a job only for some money. Get ready to discover these jobs which are far from being normal or annoying.


14. Câlineur professional.

If you  need that somebody takes you in the arms and  fondles you, but that you  are really alone, the solution in this problem is the professional câlineur. You will be undoubtedly surprised at finding some firms which give enlaçante professional experience  the nicest and most relaxant. They grip somebody in the arms and  they are paid between 60 and 80$ an hour! But attention: only cuddles.

13. Diver-collector of  golf balls.

If you like diving and  job in outside, then this  outstanding job is for you. Divers are made responsible for recovering all golf balls lost in the bottom of ponds along courses. It seems easy and amusing! Oh well the truth, it is that many ponds are not so clean, and you can find a lot of vase, of seaweeds, and even snakes there. Means!

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