Test: Having chosen 2 superpowers and we will reveal you features hidden from your character

The superheroes are terrifically popular in the cinema and in series. We would all like to have superpowers, as for example to be invincible or to have the capacity to travel freely in time. And you, which great power would seem to you the most fabulous? Attention to your answer, she reveals you a lot.

The psychologists indeed think that the answer to this question can reveal features hidden from your personality. That is why, in a job interview for a major post from Microsoft, they  asked the candidates: “what would you choose between being able to fly or be invisible? ” By answering our test, you will discover the signification of your answer.

Imagine that a magician has just appeared in front of you. He  says to you that he has seven supers powers and that he can give you two. Look at the below drawing and chosen two superpowers:

1. The one whom you absolutely want to have.

2 the One whom you indeed do not need, that is the one without whom you could definitely go.


In our test, every great power represents a human quality, a competence and a really accessible resource in real life.

The first superpower which you  chose represents these resources and qualities which you have, but that you do not trust, since you  do not seem to know that you already have them. It is worth the effort  of tilting you seriously over.

The second superpower, the one who interests you less than others, represents competences which you have, but that unconsciously hushed up researches to others. You would like to have a friend or a spouse who has the same qualities so that he or she is your perfect half. This person begins from today searching.

1. Read the future

In real life, this superpower represents qualities as to guess the lesson of events, a perfectly developed intuition and of  acuteness. These qualities protègeront you of rapid actions and  bad influence.

What do you think?

Written by Mery


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