This 7  completely common food is surprisingly bad for your skin

Our skin reflects very often our state of health. And sometimes, they  do not understand why there are buttons, dry plates, while they have “anything makes individual”. It can very probably be linked to our feeding.

Sometimes, the things which we like can seem insignificant but be indeed damaging. To risk being sick or disfiguring is a very big danger. It is better to be informed.

1. Alcohol

“To drink some alcohol is one of the worst things which you could make in your skin”, insiststhe dermatologist Michaella Bolder, in the magazine Times Bomb. Unfortunately, when the positive effects of the alcohol consumption will have receded, there will remain especially disadvantages. First of all, the alcohol causes hormonal disturbances which cause the acne. Then, he weakens the immune system by replacing an important bacterium in the intestine, the microbiome. And finally, the alcohol desiccates the skin and can give a puffy air.

If you  do not want to suffer from negative effets of the alcohol, try to establish borders in your consumption. Do not drink alcoholic beverages before going out from your home, and eat to control your own rhythm.

2. Plain round flat cakes of rice

You will surely be surprised at discovering that this “healthy “ so-called product is damaging in fact. Plain round flat cakes of rice can cause the appearance of wrinkles on the skin, and they can even have the influence on cerebral function. First of all, it is easy  to eat it too much, what can drive to a weighty catch. Besides, if you prove the tag on nutritional information, you will see that these plain round flat cakes are almost only composed of ingredients which are not healthy and those who are really good are present in very small quantity. Finally, these plain round flat cakes can cause stains and  acne by damaging molecules called final products of advanced glycation, so known as AGES.

But if you really like these plain round flat cakes of rice, opt at least for those who contain linen seeds, and adds germinated seeds,  turkey, tomatoes or any other vegetable to get not saturated healthy grease, calcium and  iron.

3. Sushi

Did you know that these delightful blocked babies drive to a premature ageing and cause the acne? Oh well, now you  know it — eh yes, it is unfortunately true. First of all, these small rolls contain a big quantity of salt, one of the worst enemies of  health, which leads invariably to a dehydration of the skin and to a puffy aspect. Indeed, the salt food makes that cells keep liquids, what produces a swelling of your face. Finally, the rice contains a glycémique high indication, he can therefore reduce moisturising and  circulation in the epidermis, by causing the dryness of the skin and  by driving to a premature ageing. Julianne Moore was the first one to call this phenomenon “face of sushi”.

If you eat sushis, it is recommended to drink more water, to make  facial gymnastics, to sleep on the back to avoid the accumulation of liquids on the face, using cold compresses and avoiding the alcohol to tell swellings.

4. Dairy products

If you really eat dairy products and that you still struggle against the acne, this information can interest you. First of all, the milk of the cows contains a growth hormone which affects the sebaceous glands of the skin and causes a too fatty epidermis. You risk therefore suffering some more from acne. Besides, there is a big milk quantity of low qualitybecause the cows are fed with some soya and the transgénique corn. During the treatment of dairy products, the milk is harmed because of ultrapasteurization, of evaporation, of skimming and of other treatments of style. All that creates conditions improved for the development of the acne. And finally, 75 %  world populations is intolerant in the lactose, and this intolerance is possible drive to the appearance of acne and of eczema.

You can opt for alternative products as  goat’s milk, or buy some milk believed in a local farm, of which you will be sure that the cows eat well of grass. This  milk type is on the whole a better option, given that it contains a glycémique indication very low.

5. Cereals for breakfast

Sad but true. Even these obviously innocent cereals can be damaging for your skin. Firstly, do not believe in “natural” word  until you see the composition of the cereal. You can discover that some of these ingredients are in fact of the transgénique (GMO) food, who can cause an annoyance of your skin, augment allergies and talk about the acne. Besides, because of process of extrusion, cereals for breakfast are toxic in reality for our body. And finally, popular cereals often contain synthetic vitamins which our body does not succeed in using or  in assimilating.

If you  cannot help eating a bowl of cereals for breakfast, choose the one that contain less than five grammes of sugar by portion. Pay attention to your portion and use the information of control which is on the packing. Read all given information, because the product contains generally more than first two listed ingredients.

6. Transformed meats

One of the reasons for that you point out that your skin is filled, especially having gone to the restaurant, can come from the consumption of transformed meats. First of all, there  is too much sodium in transformed meats such as ham, becon, crude or smoked meats as saumuré chicken. And a big quantity of salt causes swelling or inflammation of your face. Besides, these types of meats also contain nitrites, who destroys the collagen and the élastine and can cause a premature ageing.

So that transformed meats are less damaging for your body, make sure   not to it too much and    not to eat it every day. If you   are on a diet, your feeding must then be composed of cool food.

7. Juice

Who does not like juices? Especially since these last are considered as being healthier than soda. First of all, we must know that these juices contain the same quantity of sugar as soda. And this sugar breaks down the collagen of the skin and  makes it harsh. Besides, juices lack fibre: it means that what you drink does not give nutriments necessary for your skin.

You have option to blend fruits and vegetables in smoothies to assure you that your body gets all minerals and vitamins which it  needs. But it would be preferable to eat fruits completely so that you could get all antioxidizers and vitamins which they contain naturally.

Do you

know other damaging effects than our favourite food can talk on our organism? What does not hesitate to share with us what you know in comments below!

What do you think?

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