Men are more attracted by a woman having one of these 15 characteristics which go well beyond physical appearance

Of course, a pretty woman will have all chances to draw the attention of a man. But it is not sufficient to make him fall loving and to give him desire to construct a stable and happy relation. And even less by current time, when we know that the factor the most important to attract or be attractive is not just physical beauty, but other aspects as common interests, admiration and even an expressive look.


15. Smile. Not only it returns a more delightful woman, but it also generates  security at her partner. Besides, it is a secret for nobody that a happy and smiling woman exercises some drawing power.

14. Culinary competences. It is one of the best means to earn the heart of a man! It works besides in both directions, because it is also a good strategy by which a man can enthrall a woman. Nobody resists a good meal.

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Written by Mery


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