Every country has different customs to celebrate marriages, and 11 that we reveal you will surprise you

There are wedding traditions —  bachelor parties or else brides who throw their bunch — world-famous and practiced in a broad part of the planet. But there  are also rituals which are performed only in some very specific regions.

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1. Two children, Sudan

In the tribe Nuer of Sudan, the spouse can get married if he pays some herds of stock. And the  wedding ceremony is finished when the woman gives birth to two children. If she has only one of it, the spouse can ask for divorce. If the spouse dies, his brother must become the new husband of the widow.

2. Break the bell, Guatemala

After the nuptial ceremony in Guatemala, a reception is organised in the home of the husband. His mother greets the couple hardly married by breaking a bell of rice, of flour and of seeds to wish them prosperity and wealth.


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