We reveal you 15 series at which everybody is going to look in 2018

Series television revolutionised the world of  invention.   Another 10 years ago, they were well behind film productions, and critics looked at them with some contempt. Today, series is not any more of the whole sub-type, on the contrary and the world has a passion for the last exits.

To look at television series makes integral part of  modern life, and we wait for the exit of new seasons with so much impatience as our own birthday or Christmas. Nice points out to you which series will occupy our minds and our screens in 2018, all those that you  cannot miss.

Mr. Mercedes, second season

This film adaptation of one of the most atypical writings of Stephen King tells the story of the detective Bill Hodges, which investigates a massacre. The lout to  Mercedes Benz overturned persons who queued up for the fair of job and runs away from the stage of crime.

It is impossible to find this criminal, who was nicknamed “Mr. Mercedes” by the journalists, and Hodges retires in the course of the inquiry. However, six months after facts, the detective receives a letter of the mysterious criminal..

  • Note IMDB — 8,1

Outlander, fourth season

Clear Beauchamp, having worked as nurse in a small health centre during World War II, comes back at home. By travelling with her husband in Scotland, she disappears suddenly in front of him and appears mysteriously in 1743, in Scotland, country which delivers a bloody war against England. There, she meets Jamie Fraser, who falls in love her, and falls Clear under his charm, but the thoughts which she has towards her husband, who is in distant future,  do not leave her in peace.

  • Note IMDB — 8,5

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