These female behaviours scare off the men, even the most patient

Figures are known: in France, 44 % marriages end in divorce. Indeed, the relations of couple are often complicated, and the women sometimes make fatal errors, which even the most patient man of the world will not support.

To keep some harmony in his relation, it is certainly necessary to make efforts, to show tact and to include and to respect desires of other one. However, some women act exactly in the opposite and collect the odd who can be fatal. Nice  gathered types of female behaviours which scare the men off surely.

6. Jealousy

Many people think that jealousy is sign that the feelings of other one are still strong. And that it is therefore necessary to be delighted  in the event of crisis with jealousy. But this feeling is positive only when it is controlled. If it is excessive, he can draw away serious conflicts, and in most extreme cases, separation.

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Written by Mery


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