You  surely do not know these 8 secret functions of smartphones

Smartphones flooded the world and changed our way to communicate. It was sold 379,9 millions of smartphones in the world in the 1st quarter 2017, according to the office of studies Gartner, that is + 9,1 % in comparison with the same epoch one year earlier. We use already often many fonctionalités, who help us already a lot in different situations, but know that your portable has many other functions, often unknown of  most users.

It is any more a secret for nobody, smartphones simplifies considerably our life, making it more comfortable. Nice therefore compiled several secrets which will help you to use your smartphone in a more profitable way. We are sure that they still have secrets as you.

1. Quick load

If your battery is weak and that you must recharge it fast, plane is in favour. Your telephone  will take responsibility twice as quickly.

Besides, to economise at the farthest your battery, use a bottom of dark screen, which will use less the lighting of pixels, and you will so be able to use your telephone longer without credit  to put it at all times to charge.

2. Instantaneous cleaning of the text

 Instead of abolishing a message slowly with traditional way, the possessors of iPhone can simply shake the telephone, and in some seconds, the field of text will be completely empty.

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