To do some sports can generate these 12 side effects, do you know them?

 To do some sports makes us stronger, improves the functioning of the brain and other organs, regulate sleep, help to find an ideal silhouette and  to slow down the process of ageing of organism. However, many beginners — and sometimes even of experts — also test unpleasant symptoms linked to the practice of a physical activity. It is necessary to have them in mind to be prepared.

To Nice, we united for you 12 the most common side effects of sports training, and we worked recommendations out not to have any more to support them. Do some sports, yes, but by respecting some rules.


When they are in overweight or they achieve of a serious illness, it is better to begin any physical activity under the supervision of an experienced coach and of a doctor. Besides, it is necessary to pay attention to the slightest changes of conditions of health. If your state preoccupies you, does not opt for self-medication. A specialist is rather going to see.

Muscular shrinkages

  •  Reason: muscular spasms are the results of  tiredness and of  break of the balance of electrolytes.
  • How to get rid of it? When you  get some exercise, drink some freshwater. If training was intense, you can also use sports drinks which contain microelements necessary for organism. Besides, do not forget stretching exercises  at the end of your session.

Tears and  nasal congestion

  •  Reason: strain dilates then reduces blood vessels in the nasal pits. It can also be the symptom of a rhinitis or a simple allergy.
  • How to free you from it? Get some exercise in places with conditioned air or in areas well ventilated, far from roads. In case of necessity, use a spray

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