These beauty products have air straight taken out of year 3018!

The industry of  beauty knows an exponential growth for decades, and  every season, she offers us novelties. But sometimes, their creations can seem to us completely futuristic or extravagant. How long would we be ready to go to be even nicer?

Are you part of these people who are meant to be flawless in any circumstances,  to be young and in good health for the rest of their days? Probably that yes. Us, to Nice, we decided to share with you a selection of the most mad beauty products. Would you be ready to use them?

Violent Lips
(ephemeral tattoos for lips)

You  remember temporary tattoos when you were small, and who required only a little water to adhere to the skin? Oh well, Violent Lips offers the same technology, but for lips. Choose a model, cut the pochon, apply it to your lips, moisturise them with a sponge, and here is! All World on your lips.

A magnetic mask

There are hundreds and hundreds of masks on the market — for the dry skin, for the fatty skin, for feet — but this one differs from others. It is applied as to its habit, but it is withdrawn with a magnet!

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