These 14 things is surprisingly less expensive than an iPhone X


Apple should sell 35 millions of iPhone X in the first quarter 2018 — while its price minimum is 818 euro. Having said that, this new baby of  mark in the apple was not sold as well as others: it is 10 millions less than his initial predictions. Because if some search means to unite necessary sum  to pay him, others cannot overcome the shock of titanic price. Others suggest of new ways of spending this money more judiciously.

To Nice we created our own list of things which it is possible to buy  instead of a contemporary iPhone. That holiday begins! There  are so much other reasons to make heat the credit card!

 480€ – Create a mini-gymnasium  at home.

Yes, a true  gymnasium  at home. Go, do not pretend that you have never wanted it!

If you want to train, a gymnasium  at home with a  treadmill, a bench of bodybuilding multi-exercises, a ball of stability, an abdominal wheel and different weightlifting   will cost to you only the half of the new smartphone. isn’t it brilliant?

 570€ – 10 days in Disneyland.

A ticket ‘Pass 5 days’ costs 285 € then you can buy 2 and pass 10 days to Disneyland, or you can take your half with you during 5 days.

Price includes a “magical morning”, what will allow you to achieve the park before its official opening. Oh, and  you will have 248 € for food and  entertainment.

What do you think?

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