These 11 inventions were created with the intention of saving the plane


Science and humanity are evolving at a fast pace. Unfortunately, Earth’s resources are also dwindling faster. But some ecological alternatives show that we can try to live without destroying our planet, the only one we have! sitlol has compiled a list of the best inventions that could help safeguard the environment.

11. Curtain of ecological shower

Spiky is a curtain of  inflatable and ecological shower: you have four minutes to wash yourself before he  pricks you. It avoids that you use too much water.

10. Solar stoves

With Solar Cookers International, you can cook by using only the  sunlight. There are also solutions similar to lesser cost which you can construct yourself. Finished the propane!

9. Cleaner of ocean

 Seabin plan was created by two Australian surfers, and   V5 Seabin was conceived to clean the oceans. Seabin works as a filter with water which allows to recover waste. He can be installed in harbours, marinas, or quite other type of maritime installation.

8. Ecological pieces of furniture

The German Manufract firm fabricates pieces of furniture from rooms of broken wood, by using an ecological resin to put them together.

There are today many artisans who create chairs and tables of this type. He treat the wood and offer accessories really elegant and original.

7. Home with low power consumption

The Ecocapsule is a compact home with low consumption conceived for two adults. It is fed by a wind turbine and solar panels on the roof, so it is autonomous in energy.

6. Natural plastic

Agar, the natural plastic, is a plan which explores agar-agar as alternative in synthetic plastics. It  happens that this substance can also be a material of ecological packing.

5. Apparatus to economise the water

The beak Altered is an apparatus which can be installed on the taps of your home. He allows to economise up to 98 % of water when you  wash your hands or that you  brush teeth.

4. System of recycling of organic waste

HomeBiogas is a system allowing to recycle food and other organic waste. Besides, he generates clean energy. Homebiogas needs only the  sunlight and the food waste to produce some fuel.

3. Clever bag

PaqSule is a clever bag endowed with a system of auto-refrigeration, of désodorisation and with disinfection. Impressing, really? You can speed up cycle-freshness without chemicals by pressing on a button of the bag or directly since your smartphone. With PaqSule, you can therefore preserve from germs your bag and the business which is there.

2. Drop of eatable water

Ooho is a bottle of water made from plants and from seaweeds. She can have colours and different tastes. Goodbye the plastic containers!

1. Clever garbage can

TetraBIN is a garbage can with an interactive surface, which allocates points to the users for every thrown object. All internal surface is endowed with sensors of movements. When waste product enters the garbage can, it is possible to see a dog swallowing a thigh of chicken on the external panel. Objective is to push people to throw their waste to the garbage can.

Together, we can save the planet! Do you know other interesting initiatives? Share them in comments!




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