Perform these 7 quick tests to assess the health of your organism

Everybody agrees that  the most important thing in life, it is health. And each time they fall ill, they in (Re) become aware. These tests can help you to assess your health and to anticipate very type of problem.

Nobody wants to fall ill. But it is much better agreed to deflect and to include this illness as early as possible to be able to avoid any risk of lack of comfort or of malaise in future. It is also useful to prove simply the functioning of our body.

Nice offers you to make several quick tests to assess your state of health.


The test of grid of Amsler helps to diagnose maculaire degeneration, which is an illness linked to the deterioration of visual acuteness. Maculaire degeneration appears generally after the age of 50 years and advances very fast and can even cause blindness.

You must perform the test with a good lighting. Put the drawing at a distance   from 30 to 40 centimetres of your eyes. Do not tip the head up forward or on the side and  do not squint.

Cover an eye of a hand while of the other eye you continue looking at the point and at count slowly until ten. Repeat the same thing with the other eye.

If lines are right, without distortions, difference or grey points, it means that everything goes well with your retina. If in some parts of the drawing lines become appreciably bent, then it’s worth it to go to the doctor.


For the old persons and also for the persons suffering from cardiovascular diseases, vigorous activities are not recommended. Before making physical activities, it is preferable to make some simple tests.

  • Find your pulse, count flapping by minute.
  • Make 20 squats.
  • Recount your pulse.

If the number of flapping augments by 25 %, then everything goes well. If it augmented between 25 and 50 %, your cardiovascular system is weakened. If  heart rate augmented more than 50 %, it is not absolutely normal and you must go to the doctor.


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