Most men hush up about this 10 secret fright which haunts them

Even if  science has establishes that testosterone reduced the desire to mourn when a difficult situation is faced up and that the men had therefore more tendency   to get angry or   to be silent, they are not sheltered by  fright. The society does not encourage them to brag and however about it: they too test their own anxiety. 

How can fright and doubts hide in a muscular body, behind a firm look and under a virile beard? “It is absurd!”, will cry these ladies on a contemptuous tone. However, the absence of fright at the men is only an idée reçue transported by the society.

The team of Nice  fights continuously against the stereotypes of this type. That is why we want to introduce you today 10 things which preoccupy most men.

10. The physical appearance

 From little up, they impose on the woman the idea which its silhouette must always tighten towards an ideal, by making it be on a diet and strict trainings. This pressure less seems to be present at the men’s, but it does not mean that they  do not care about their physical aspect and  do not compare their body with those who are seen on the covers of magazines. On the contrary: why do the men pass so much time to the  gymnasium? The most painful for a man is to intend say that he has a belly with beer.

9. Finances

Finances are one of the main sources of masculine anxiety. From childhood, they are told themselves that they will have to meet the needs of their family. Even the men still without family care about the state of their finances, by believing in vain that it is a factor mattering in a relation. However, for the women, attention and affection are the things which count most. If your wife makes you earn more money, it is better to plan  to part

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