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These 20 persons have no relation with the world which encircles them


The society in which we live includes rather definite codes on the way  to act publicly, as well as on the appearance to be adopted. We are accustomed to live in this world filled with rules, and   mostly, we besides feel well very with these last. But  from time to time, we have tendency to care more about the look of others than about our own ease. Some persons live very well so, and others decided  to pay no more attention to what will think their circle.

These people can sometimes seem irritating, but to Nice, we especially gathered photos of people which are so odd in their way of being as it is impossible to be an  angered instant after them. Look yourself until the end at them and give us then your opinion!

1. This lady has just been 99 years old.

It is my new idol.

2. He  really adopted a good attitude facing this situation.

After all, he has a lot of chance. This would have been able to be the head.

What do you think?

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