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The left-handed persons live a true nightmare and in here is proof with 12 examples

The objects which are used every day are so ordinary that we even do not think of the left-handed persons for whom it can be a true punishment. You  do not believe?

Nice speaks to you today about 12 things which the left-handed persons test every day, for their bigger misfortune.

1. The classical scissors.

Try to cut whatever it is of your left hand with classical scissors. You will see that there  will happen probably nothing. Because if you take scissors in the “bad hand”, the blade stays across and they become completely useless.

Of course, there are special scissors for the left-handed persons, but, for an unexplained reason, them are more expensive. It seems to us unfair!

2. Tin-openers.

Here is how the left-handed persons open boxes. The handle of the tool is on the righthand, and to use it of the left hand am impossible.

3. The bursars.

This object proves to be not only be uncomfortable, but also dangerous. The sharp blade  is only on a side of the knife. Therefore when you  take it of the left hand, you risk  cutting your hand.

4. The  bread knife.

 Bread knives have a special blade tipped up towards a side which allows to cut edges in an uniform way. However, if you hold the knife of your left hand, the blade pushes back crumbs across, by drawing the bread of other one.

5. Corkscrews.

If you try to open a bottle of wine of the left hand, it will get from you surely some minutes before understanding that the corkscrew turns in bad sense.

When it is used of the left hand, the corkscrew must turn anticlockwise. That is to say towards you, what is very uncomfortable.

6. The electrical teapots.

Try to take an electrical teapot and  to pour the water of the left hand. What’s happening? It is well it, you will have no idea of the quantity of water that he will stay in the teapot, because on most, a scale is on the left side.

7. The syndrome of the silver-plated surface.

If you are left-handed person, not only you  do not see the text which you have just written, but on top of that, you erase in succession the ink of the pencil, which did not end up drying. As a result, your hand becomes grey, black or blue, everything depends on your ink. The artists calls it “the effect of the silver-plated surface”, when there always remain marks of coal or of pencil on the hand.

8. Filing cabinets or notebooks with rings.

 Let us not speak about notebooks to rings. They are only hindering your writing.

9. Pencil sharpeners.

To use a pencil sharpener is almost impossible mission, because they too turn in the other sense. Try therefore and you will see.

10. Sauce ladles.

Another punishment for the left-handed persons. To serve the sauce with the spoon especially envisaged with this effect, it will be necessary to try hard to you of a way which is not very natural.

11. Card games.

You want to play card games? If you are left-handed person, it is unlikely. Because in that case, you  will not be able to hold your cards  so as to see numbers in the upper corners.

12. It is easily possible to identify a left-handed person thanks to a small detail.


What do you think?

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