These 8 Tattoos have incredibly sentimental stories that will make you want to cry

People like to decorate their bodies with tattoos. Some tattoos are just a beautiful image, but others have a deeper meaning.
At we have a list of 8 people who have tattoos representing an important moment in their lives. Even celebrities have sentimental stories behind their tattoos. Look at the famous tattoo on the shoulder of Angelina Jolie for example.
8. Remember a child you will never see grow
Losing a child is a horrible event and losing a fetus is just as devastating.
Little Nathan’s mother never thought that she would never hear his laugh, never see him walking, talking. Sadly, the child was born dead at 16 weeks of pregnancy. After a long period of mourning, his mother decided to remember him by means of a tattoo representing the imprint of his feet.
7. Tell your son that he is not alone in this battle
When Josh Marshall’s son, Gabriel, was diagnosed with brain cancer, Josh looked for a way to support his baby in these difficult times. Gabriel had a big scar on the side of his skull after an operation, so his dad decided to have the same scarf tattooed to show his son that he would always be there for him.

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