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These 7 things, although very common in the United States, are absolutely not in the rest of the world

Each country has its own peculiarities! Some of them sometimes seem so practical that we almost regret not having them at home, while others baffle us a little and cause many questions like “but why?”.
Sympa shares today, with you, examples of things that have become indispensable in the daily life of Americans, but which, on the other hand, leave us perplexed …
Food crusher
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In the United States, it is customary to sort the waste, and to make this task easier, they found something very practical. In the sink, there is a grinder. Its main function is to crush the leftovers of food so that they can then pass into the pipes, without problem. One of the great advantages of this method is that the trash can not give off unpleasant odors. In addition, organic waste does not mix with others.
Fluoridated water
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In the twentieth century, in the United States, fluoridated water began to flow through the pipes, allowing Americans not only to drink tap water, but also to take care of their oral health, because fluoride strengthens teeth, prevents erosion and prevents bacteria from reproducing in this water.

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